In love with the ghost

Book Cover - In love with the ghostIn love with the ghost.  Co-written with Max Avi Kaplan.  Negative Capability Press, 2016.  Available here.

Praise for In love with the ghost:

In their second collaboration, Kristina Marie Darling and Max Avi Kaplan again create a world of magical allure and hidden truths.  The “I” in Darling’s poems reaches out for understanding and companionship like the perfectly manicured disembodied hands in Kaplan’s photographs.  We find ourselves, as we did in Music for another life, in the mind of a woman lost to a loveless marriage.  Vivid flowers and stoic statues fill Kaplan’s photographs, but their juxtaposition against reaching hands replaces their expected beauty with a nagging feeling of dislocation.  While the woman in Darling’s poems may be trapped, Kaplan offers the chance of escape: graffiti on the sole of an iron foot.  Perhaps there is a chance that the woman attached to the beautiful hands, and the poems, will find a way to back to her novels, to her dreams…maybe even to herself.

—Julia Kaziewicz

Shadowy, stunning split photography and spare, lyric glimpses create a book-length poem that is luminous, that allows plain Lo to speak, to erase and reframe the “source of / terrible wonder” as her own.

—Allison Titus


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