Palimpsest - Cover JPEGPalimpsest. Patasola Press, 2013.  Available here.

Praise for Palimpsest:

“A transfixed window. “Presence” within endless glass. Every page of Palimpsest is laced with collapse.  The film within this prose is not merely a “voice of the past” but an unpublished portion of nightingale. Kristina Marie Darling positions her camera between scenes to pass beyond the limits of apparition. “—Eric Baus, author of Scared Text

“Palimpsest continues Kristina Marie Darling’s singularly graceful and stunningly incisive exploration of poetic insight, vision, and transformation. Through narrative, erasure, rapturous scholasticism, and sneakily luminous annotations, Darling delves into the crackling spaces between presence and transcendence, between sublimation and the sublime, so that each page seems “laced with electric wires.” Pared and effulgent, Palimpsest’s lucid inscriptions turn artifice into architecture, formal invention into “an act of both grief and homage, reverence and destruction.” Here is a book that reads like what you remember from a book you have forgotten—no, you have not forgotten it. It has already become part of everything you see.”—Zach Savich, author of The Firestorm

Kristina Marie Darling’s Palimpsest is, as the title suggests, a complex and multi-layered book—and strikingly so. On the surface, the interrelated, historical poems shimmer with Modernist and Postmodernist experiment; below the surface flows a dark, inescapable current of loss and longing for transcendence. This unique work is challenging, moving, and haunting.”—Wayne Miller, author of The City, Our City

“Deftly employing the symbols of a turn-of-the-last-century romanticism—swans, daguerrotypes, ghosts, jeweled buttons—that prompt us to consider the narrative implications of cultural artifact, Kristina Marie Darling constructs, in Palimpsest, a story notable for what it will not tell: clues, fragments, artifacts, and erasures build a compelling force field around an alluringly absent center.”–Donna Stonecipher, author of The Reservoir

“Kristina Marie Darling’s Palimpsest is a haunting testament to the known, the unknown, and the about-to-be-known.  Through fragments and footnotes, and moments of profound mystery, Darling guides the reader through an archive of cufflinks, glass buttons, dangerous mercury, and dead lilies, all bound by lyric—and literal—electricity.  This collection diminishes the boundary between past and present, photograph and living subject, windows and the figures that may crouch beyond them. “—Mary Biddinger, author of Prairie Fever and Saint Monica

“Palimpsest erases but narrative thrives, cinching in its thawed vintage serifs text still damp with referenced yonder. And lacy. So lacy this off-Baedeker of Victoriana, this text-tease, this curious romantic limbo embellished with doors and doors ajar on a story—no, a source—a source so Giacometti-thin it must be entered from all exits. Antsy and adrift, Darling’s fifth collection, “not a physical body, but rather, the loved one’s more ethereal qualities,” is grainy with ghosts the size of teacups, or teacups the size of ghosts. And the way a whole story can fit into, say, a teacup poured with candy hearts. I am drinking from that teacup right now.”—Kim Gek Lin Short, author of The Bugging Watch and Other Exhibits

Reviews of Palimpsest:

“What I love about Kristina Marie Darling’s work is that it ultimately touches a chord in you while allowing you the space to dream up your own world…It becomes personal and yet shared with the writer who is also an artist with words.”—Poet Hound.

“You can place it on your shelf next to Acker, Silko, Berrigan, and D’Agata.”—Split Lip Zine.

“Darling’s poetry is an invitation to play an otherworldly game that challenges readers to rethink their approach to and their experience of information. At the same time, it also carries a high emotional impact. Darling knows how to set up a great ghost story that crackles with energy and spooky humor right from the start.”-The Collagist.

“Palimpsest is a rapturous collection with a lucid vision. As Darling explores her tropes of lilies, photos, cuff links, birds, ghosts, and mercury, readers will find themselves thrilled with the multiple meanings and layers within this richly evocative work that cunningly examines the intricacies and mysteries of the haunted human heart.”-The Rumpus.

“It is a haunting book, fragments of text mingled with black and white photographs of curtained windows and lighted chandeliers. This book is half letting go and half preservation, a history of loss in prose and poetry, a mixture of form and haunting beauty.  It is an experiment in form as much as in what resides in the heart.”-Barn Owl Review.

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