Pharmakon (A Case History)

KMD-Pharmakon-front coverPharmakon (A Case History).  BlazeVOX Books, 2014.  Available here.

Praise for Pharmakon (A Case History):

In PHARMAKON (A CASE HISTORY), readers encounter speaker as diviner, a questionable house of rooms with reoccurring “trinkets pinned in a velvet box.” Through footnotes & fragmentary thinking, through image, we enter these rooms, craved longing in the open spaces ruminative in its search, a diviner’s wit. Through rites of sacrifice, eros, sessions, the boundaries of time are broken down & the reader is caught in an alternative already-present that cannot help itself but be gone or going. It is impossible not to be enraptured in the longing of Darling’s intimately created perception, the hysteria of myth & deconstruction, the waiting, the water rushing, the shaky here & now.

—Shelly Taylor, author of Black-Eyed Heifer

PHARMAKON is a rattling collection. Laced with pinching, dark detail, the tinge of gone, resonant trinkets, and a seasoned sense of loss, this book dustlessly describes the bewilderment of being, being not, and the feeling that comes with those.

—Emily Toder, author of Science

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